How To Make a Cat Sleep Regularly

How To Make a Cat Sleep Regularly

Are you including those who sleep often disturbed because your favorite cat is noisy and always asks for attention?
Although cats have a long sleep time (more than 16 hours a day), the cat’s sleep cycle is not like other mammals. cats sleep in a short time, but often.

But you don’t need to be upset, there are many tips that you can try so that cats can sleep more regularly. Your sleep will also be more qualified.

1. Make a sleep schedule and get used to cats.
Cats are almost similar to children. They can be trained by getting used to the same behavior repeatedly. Set the time when you will sleep and wake up. Bring the same atmosphere every time you will sleep, for example by closing the door of the room, turning off the lights or turning on sleep music.
Stop inviting the cat to play when it comes to bedtime, the goal so that the cat understands he must also be prepared to sleep.

2. Invite the cat to play several times a day
Cats are spoiled animals and always need attention. If you get less attention, he will “disturb” even when you want to rest. Invite to play several times a day. Games that can drain energy for 10-15 minutes are enough to make a cat calm.

3. Give the food before bed
Nothing calms cats more than a full stomach. Giving a cat some time before you go to sleep will also make the cat fall asleep.
Provide a snack or dry food at a food dispenser. When a cat wake up and feel hungry they won’t wake you up. Average of cats wake up in the early morning.

4. Neat the cat bed
Cats love to sleep in a comfortable place, close to food and water and also not too far from the litter box.
Provide some toys they like, such as mouse dolls containing catnip, cardboard box and others.
When they feel bored, they can play alone without needing to wake you up.



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