Savior Cat Named Sapi, From the Snakes to the Bats He Once Helped

Savior Cat Named Sapi, From the Snakes to the Bats He Once Helped

Typically cats bring home hunted animals as a ‘gift’ to their owners. However, this cat named Sapi is different, he brings various animals to the house precisely for rescue.

This black and white fur cat is now around 3.5 years old. Kiki Amalia, the owner tells us that two kittens first came alone to the her workshop office in the Semarang area. Together with his siblings they asked to be looked after. Unfortunately, Sapi’s brother is now died.

The habit of Sapi helping other animals has been started since last year.

“Starting from hobbies to carrying out the baby was about (since) last year,” said Kiky.

Animals that are helped by Sapi are classified as strange and unusual. Not kittens like the other rescuer cats do. Curious, what animals have Cows ever brought?

“Bring the baby bird, little snake, not long ago the baby squirrel 2 seeds (tail),” she added.

Not so long ago,  Sapi are known to bring home a bat pups! Oh, no.

Bayi kelelawar. Dok : Kiky Amalia

Miraculously, Sapi did not hurt the little animal he carried. All conditions are still healthy, so it’s not a ‘gift’ like dead mice.

“Not a gift. If the gift is dead, it’s given … If this is indeed brought home, tell me to take care of it,” explained Kiky.

Sapi have their own ‘procedure’ to save, you will wait for the animals they carry until they are safe in the hands of humans.

“Later, when it’s held, he leaves, that’s the way it is …”, added Kiky.

Bayi tupai /bajing. Dok : Kiky Amalia

Of course, Kiky has a new job to take care of the Sapi’s rescue babies. The average animal carried is still too small and cannot be removed.

Then, where did the animals come from? Kiky said she did not know.

“Oops … don’t know where from. The kid is playing everywhere, I don’t understand either … hahaha. ”

This cow is a semi-outdoor cat, so he is free to play far away. Maybe even get to the forest?

Just keep on being healthy, Sapi the rescuer cat. Bravo!




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